These Two Democrats Just Filed To Impeach Trump — But Don’t Expect It To Go Anywhere

BuzzFeed News, July 2017.

Two House Democrats have filed articles of impeachment, but they won’t be the ones who get President Donald Trump booted from the White House.


People Camped Out For More Than 24 Hours For Trump’s Iowa Rally

BuzzFeed News, June 2017.

The night before President Donald Trump was set to arrive in eastern Iowa for a rally, his most fervent supporters were already lining up to celebrate his return to the campaign trail.

Can You Be An Anti-Abortion Democrat?

BuzzFeed News, May 2017.

Double byline with Ema O’Conner.

As Democrats try to win over rural and red state voters, they’re divided over whether a candidate who opposes abortion rights belongs in the party. “If I get asked about my views on abortion … I get off the topic as quickly as I can,” one House Democrat said.