My Ethics Code

As a journalist, I prize truth above all else.

It is critical that I remain an unbiased news source for my audience. Further, I must sift through all of the information to discover what is true and relevant to my audience. If there are multiple facets to a story, I will explore all sides and represent them as they are.

I will always be transparent about how I do my work. I will not deceive my readers or sources. I will not cover any area with potential conflict of interest, real or apparent. My sources will be kept separate from my personal relationships. I will ask for consent prior to recording an interview.

I will always obey the law and never lower my standards for myself.

I will deliver news that will allow my audience to engage in its community, with the ultimate goal of assisting my readers in living as active, well-informed citizens.

I will always be thorough about my work, and I will not alter or spin the facts in any way. My work will always be original, never plagiarized. My information will be obtained honestly. I will not accept bribes or pay for interviews.

I will prioritize accuracy over competition. I understand that my role as a journalist is to empower my audience by providing it with the information it needs to act.





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