Leaders Of The Senate Intelligence Committee Say There’s No Evidence Trump Was Wiretapped

BuzzFeed News, March 2017.

In a joint statement, the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee said there’s “no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government.”


After Years Of Running From Obamacare, Vulnerable Democrats Find Themselves Defending The Law

BuzzFeed News, March 2017.

With Republicans taking the wheel on health care, red state Democrats find themselves in an unusual position heading into the next election — hearing concerns about Obamacare repeal and actively defending the law themselves.


House Intelligence Committee Chair Defends Trump’s Tweets But Wishes He’d Be “Clear”

BuzzFeed News, March 2017.

“He doesn’t have 27 lawyers and staff looking at what he does, which is, I think, at times refreshing and at times can also lead us to have to be sitting at a press conference like this answering questions that you guys are asking.”


The National Enquirer, Facebook, And Russia Today — Here’s What Some Trump Supporters Read To Get The News

BuzzFeed News, February 2017.

Dateline from Melbourne, FL, where President Donald Trump held his first campaign-style rally since becoming president.

Trump blasted on the media during his campaign — and only increased his hostility since he became president. His supporters at his rally on Saturday said they’ve bought in to the message.



As Liberal Activists Call For Impeachment, House Democrats Are Avoiding Using The I-Word

BuzzFeed News, February 2017.

Even as #TrumpImpeachmentParty has trended on Twitter among their base of voters, Democrats say it’s too soon to talk about trying to kick Donald Trump out of office. But that does not mean they’re ruling out the option for the future.


Senators Are Pissed Their Constituents Can’t Get Through As Phone Calls Flood The Senate

BuzzFeed News, February 2017.

Just about everything Donald Trump has done since he became president has caused a deluge of calls for senators, resulting in concerns that their constituents can’t get through to them. Sen. Thom Tillis compared it to denial-of-service attacks.